Mongolian Wool Craft

Mongolian Wool Craft

"Tsagaan Alt" wool shop prides itself on the production and sale of high quality, fine wool and semi-fine Mongolian sheep products. All our products are completely handmade using traditional, environmentally, friendly Mongolian handcraft techniques and has no negative effect to human body and soft, warm and light characteristics are very much delighted by our customers. The products are processed from highest quality raw materials sourced entirely withing Mongolia and have gone strict quality controls.

About Us

"Nooson Zangilaa" Cooperatives union was established in 2006. Today we're operating 10 cooperatives from Ulaanbaatar and Darkhan city plus one NGO-Wool Craft Support Center and about 250 producers. The producers make about 20 different types of 800 designs using primarily processed fine and semi fine wool, angora, cashmere and camel wool and selling them in the domestic market through "Tsagaan Alt" wool shop. Also we export our products in the international market, particularly in Norway, New Zealand, Germany, France, Netherlands, Finland, Switzerland, USA and many other countries.

Excellence and Special Characteristics of our products are:
Pure natural products made of:

  • 100% fine and semi fine wool
  • Cashmere and angora
  • No negative effect to human body
  • Completely hand made
  • High quality conforming
  • Soft, warm and light characteristics are very much delighted by our customers

Natural and chemical dye stuff are used:
Button yarn and other accessories are made up of horn, wood and wool etc natural products.

Products can be produced according to the customer's needs and specific design, color and size.

Unesco Awards

2008 – "Maayaa" Angor Scarf
2008 – "Lady" Woolen Slipper
2010 – Halzan
2012 – Stitched Clothes

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